Nuçi Phillips was a student at the University of Georgia. He grew up with a creative spirit, developing a profound gift with music.

“(Nuçi) was a combination of brilliance and fragility…To watch him play guitar was to watch someone lost in an impermeable zone of release. He was genuinely loved by all that knew him.”

—David Barbe, Music Producer

Growing Up

Throughout childhood, Nuçi began to show early signs of depression and anxiety.From a young age, he felt everything deeply and passionately. In high school, he began to withdraw from others around him, spending most of his time quietly playing his guitar alone. Nuçi was eventually diagnosed with clinical depression, a condition that he would battle the rest of his life. Music became a form of therapy for Nuçi, providing him a channel to express the deep emotions he kept to himself.

“This gloom grew in his early teens. Clawing and snarling - ever so mean. It sneaked and sneered at my Golden Boy. Robbing him of his joy.”

—Linda Phillips, Nuçi's Mother

The Music

Despite his struggles off-stage, Nuçi thrived and felt alive when sharing his musical gift with listeners. Nuçi was working on an album he titled Koncak, including songs such as “Only When the Right Side Glows,” “You’re Not Perfect Like I Thought,” and “Ginger Gingham.” While Nuçi’s songs reflect the inner torment that was a large portion of his life, they also showcase his unique talent and ability to emotionally connect to his music.

“Life is hard to enjoy in the spring. It’s easy to be depressed, to have no life, no friends, no girls that will talk to you, give you the time of day. I think I’m different than the rest of you all.”

—Lyrics of Nuçi Phillips

The Tragedy

In 1996, at the young age of 22, Nuçi lost his battle with depression, taking his life. The years of fighting his condition ultimately wore him out, and he knew that he’d be struggling for the rest of his life. Nuçi ended his life— not because he didn’t want to live— but because he couldn’t bear the pain that was so much a part of his life. It was his decision. It was his life.

“The day arrived when he could take no more. Pain and loneliness ruled. He closed his eyes and raised the flag.”

—Linda Phillips, Nuçi's Mother

Nuçi's story doesn't end here.

In 1999, Nuçi’s Space, a non-profit music resource center was started in his memory. The organization’s mission is to prevent suicide by providing obstacle-free treatment for musicians suffering from disorders similar to Nuçi’s.

“...Nuçi’s Space exists because of those who stopped saying ‘I wish they would,’ and said instead ‘I will.’”

—Ben Mize, Counting Crows

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